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Article: Synthesis Recognized as a Pioneer in Energy Work


Synthesis Recognized as a Pioneer in Energy Work

Theme Rains as Guest Speaker.

WOW! What a few months it has been. We are racking up the air miles but still nowhere close to a free flight, how many points does it take to get a freebie!? First stop, Thailand, where our founder, Theme Rains, was asked to speak about Energy in an emerging industry trend at the Global Spa and Wellness Summit 2013.

It is finally becoming recognised to the wider global spa industry that energy does in fact exist and plays a pivotal role in our ability to deliver a truly‚ whole-body, restorative moment to our clients. Theme covered a variety of topics including personal energy, space energy and how to successfully integrate this into your business to improve it on all levels. Next stop the vibrant city of Melbourne to support the opening of Dr. Melanie Joy, Carnism tour in association with the Jane Goodall Institute.

It was our pleasure to become a partner of the production company, Sentient World, who brought Dr. Joy to Australia. The tour examines the mindset that allows us to love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows. A very interesting topic that Theme was more than happy to support and speak at. Synthesis, Dr. Joy, and Jane Goodall support the same values of cruelty-free practices and that everything is connected.

Our choices impact the whole. And finally on to Sydney where we continued our support for Dr. Joy on the Sydney leg of the tour and began final preparations for the Synthesis Launch to the Australian market at the ASPA Conference 2013. The pressure was on and the deadlines were endless so thank goodness for the energy tools and our graphic designer, Lisa at Go Walker Creative. A great result that made those late nights worth it!

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