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Article: What Happens in a Synthesis Self-Care Facial Gathering

What Happens in a Synthesis Self-Care Facial Gathering


Every Synthesis Facial Gathering is unique, restoring and full of enjoyment. Sometimes there are 25 of us, sometimes only 10. We find a lovely nurturing space to be, and then we get out all the professional strength Synthesis Organic products and start to play.

Everyone learns how to give themselves a restorative Synthesis facial, a natural face-lift massage, acupressure techniques and more. We also include a facial yoga practice. Skin and senses are infused with the purest and most potent of aromas, botanicals, essences and energies from ocean, earth and beyond, leaving you radiantly restored.

Benefits are more than skin-deep with all Synthesis offerings. As well as offering unsurpassed nourishment to your skin, for glowing results, Synthesis invites the whole-body and being to relax into a greater space of equanimity and the joy of connection with our true essence.

Stress is one of the biggest factors in premature ageing and the break-down of our healthy, balanced state of being. So we always share some simple yet effective present moment mindfulness and breathing exercises, energy work, and heart meditations to help release stress and overwhelm.

We imbibe organic refreshments, make new friends and generally enjoy ourselves. On our longer day gatherings, we may also do Yoga, Chi Gung, Auric Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Raw Food Classes and more. Light. Love. Beauty. Spirit. Like us on Facebook to hear about when and where the next one will be.


Testimonials from previous workshops:

What a nourishing experience! This workshop helped me to revitalise my whole body...helping to ignite a healing for my body, mind and spirit. Thank you so much for this much needed experience. I am on the road to finding true balance in my life.
Natalie Clarke, Brisbane Australia, Author and Founder of LifeCleansing
"Since coming across the Synthesis products and participating in several workshops I have been really impressed at the way they support healing and now I would really like everyone to benefit from these products and share in the amazing energy they offer.
Maree Thomas, Professional Coach and Founding Member of the International Financial Planners Association, Sydney Australia.
"(Synthesis) not only works on the skin but also on mental and emotional levels and minimises the impact of stress, a big factor with most people today."
The reason given by Sharron Hopley, YTL Spa Village Bali (where we facilitated workshops for her guests and staff) as to why Synthesis is her favourite Beauty Product in her Harpers Bazaar interview.

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