7 Gifts that Give us everything

We really enjoyed a series of free videos posted recently over the internet by Derek Rydell about the Law of Emergence.

What was most refreshing was the message that we already are / have everything we need - the source of abundance is within us He summarised the 7 Sacred Gifts that Give us everything.

1. Give forth: Of your time, talents and treasure. Talents: Sharing the special gift that you have to share with the world. Of your treasure. Tithing, service, philanthropy... don't wait until you have too much to give... start the process of circulating. Give, Receive, Have, Give Of time: in service

2. Giving away: all the stuff we have carries psychic and emotional energy. As you clear out the stuff you don't use and give it to someone who can, you'll discover the story behind the items, often of lack and fear. As you give it away, you clear that and make room for the new... Give it away

3. Giving up: All the habits that are no longer congruent e.g. gossiping, negative talk, criticising, unhealthy eating etc Love, wealth and abundance can't live in those environments

4. Giving in: Resisting the growth.. holding onto the old ways, but activating something bigger, but not letting it out... need to give in to the areas of resistance

5. Giving to yourself:

6. Give thanks: Gratitude... at first nothing, then something to be grateful for something, then for everything and then you become gratitude itself.

7. Forgiving: Connected to debt and stagnation... IOU's are psychic debt, not a state of empowerment and it is stagnation.

Need to circulate the energy.